It is located to 1138 meters high, in one of the more unknown mountain ranges of Central Italy, that constituted by the mountains of the Cicolano, which by the massif of Velino Mountain reaches out to North-East, marking the border between Lazio and Abruzzo and culminates with Nuria Mountain (1888 mt.) above Antrodoco. It is a chain formed by large mountains with large plateaus where there are flocks of sheep grazing in summer and herds of cows in winter that attract cross-country skiers. It is a lake devoid of tributaries that collects the rainwater and those that flow from the slopes during the rains or thaw even without an artificial outlet, disposing of the water due to the underground, which are then to feed the Peschiera Source. With an area of ​​just 0.2 square kilometers and a depth of no more than 4 meters in the most high points, it has a strange shape vaguely reminiscent of an octopus with a head which is the main basin and the tentacles that form surrounded arms by reedbeds.

It is a perfect ambience for Pike fishing, fish of an average size, in a walking day session between wild mountains and crystralline water. On its banks in antiquity it stood a center, St. Mary of Fiamignano, which now remains visible only with a few ruins of the castle tower from a hill on the south-western side of the lake overlooks the plateau in a strategic position with respect to street.