The ”Lago del Salto” is the largest artificial lake of Lazio. It is in the Province of Rieti and was created in 1940 by damming the river Salto and the subsequent flooding of the homonymous deep valley in Cicolano. His waters are shared with those of near Lake Turano, another hydroelectric reservoir through a canal along about 9 km below the mountain range of Navegna Mountain (1508 m a.s.l.). The lake elongated shape, apparently as a huge river or fjord, and the important perimeter by even the very jagged coastline, faithfully follows the narrow shape of the valley of the Salto and is comprised mainly in the municipality of Petrella Salto, but part of its waters also fall within the boundaries of the municipalities of Pescorocchiano, Fiamignano, Varco Sabino and Marcetelli.
For its construction were dislodged and rebuilt, on the banks, the towns of Borgo San Pietro, Teglieto and Fiumata, fractions of Petrella Salto, and St.Ippolito, a Fiamignanos hamlet.
A large plaque engraved into the rock at the dam, situated in the northwestern edge of the lake, remembers the victims for the construction of the mighty barrage cement over 90 m high, at the time of its construction the highest dam in Italy.
The fish fauna is made up of elements alien or restocking: carp, grass carp, tench, trout, eel, chub, carp, roach, bleak, perch and pike, largemouth bass, catfish, bream, among the crustaceans leader is the American crayfish.

That’s one of the most important italian ‘’Mekka’’ for carpfishing.

State Italy
Region Lazio
Province Rieti
Coordinates E 42°15’36” – N 13°03’36”
Altitude 535 m a.s.l.
Area 10 km²
Width 1 km
Maximum depth 87.4 m
Catchment area 741 km²
Main tributaries Salto river
Main emissaries Salto river



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