The Scandarello lake is on the central Italy , in the nord site of the Rieti’ s province between the regions of Marche and Abruzzo. The lake is near the city of Amatrice the place of the famous kind of pasta ‘’ spaghetti all‘ amatriciana ‘’. It is located at the end of the Laga mountais covered of snow all the year and not soo far from the ‘’National park of the Gran Sasso’’. It is a beautiful field with a sinuous shape absorbed in a wood and don’ t look like an artificial lake but more natural. In 1924 the imposing dam was built , deep 60 meters and large 300 meters , that blocked the course of the river Scandarello ,forming the jewel of central Italy of which all the Italians are proud.

It is where the ‘’World Carp Classic Junior‘’ been done with a record of over 25 kg , a rich place of carps and perfect for carpfishing.

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