We are Four Angling Company and a group that organize for the European angler the holidays in Italy which is not just famous for ice cream and pizza , but is also a lovely place to stay and breath the amazing vies of every single part of nature , We trust in the nature , the respect for her and for all that move around , carps are one of those and our idea is to give a different feeling during the fishing session Our idea is unusual for a fishing holidays , but we work hard on the construction of the boat because is important that the anglers feel likes home when they are on the top of the water .Use a boat such an house is not a new idea , ut at the moment in Italy we are the first group tha promote this for many reason , the carps can move during the days and if we are ther fixed with biwy could pass long time before to have one more run , but with Sonsofnnone boat you can follow it and continue to try to catch , or also spend the day on a daily session and then come to the hotel or the swimming pool or for a dinne , Anyway we are organized to make the dream become truth. The name of the boat is give for give an idea of freedom , of wild , of nowhere , the same idea of our fishing carps , free, wild the unknow. Thats why we promote fishing just on pubblic water and open space like , Lago del Salto which i salso the stage where the World Carp Classic Italian qualifier been done , Lago del Turano , Lago di Scandarello , Lago di Vico , those lake and many more are the origins of Carpfishing in Italy and that s the reason why we work with passion and heart on this project that have nothing to compare with other session. The session can just go in the right way , no strees trip , good food , enjoing a glass of wine during the sunset and then have a run , could be a big one

Totally flexible carp fishing from a top of the range boat designed with anglers in mind, the boat is a custom build with twofoam beds, oven, fridge, all inclusive inside.
Or if you want more of the chance of catching a few fish I can offer bivvy packages as well on some great wild lakes where I am sure we could get you some monster carp in the bag – the choice is yours, a week on the boat and a week in the bivvy would make a dream session for someone ..
What will be included and what are the adventures like?

I will collect you from the airport then we can nip to the supermarket for supplies get your fishing licenze (also included in the price) then drive to your chosen destination . We can pick you up from the airport and head back to mine we can talk about where you want to go fishing over a few drinks and maybe a BBQ and then the next morning we can head off fishing, and I am also willing to put customers up at my place after your session for a night .. This way its more relaxed more organised and you get a FULL 7 days fishing on top form and 9 days on holiday .. (this only applies for bookings of two anglers )

All cooking equipment and a fridge is included. The gas charge is 30 euros per week per person … This will power your fridge to keep beers cold and your full week’s food cold as well as cooking it. The oven’s fantastic and makes life much easier .. there’s nothing quite like an ice cold beer on the bank or boat and a pizza 🙂 quality
Additional extras and prices

Full guided trip for one angler including tackle hire, boat or bivvy with free airport transfers

A week for two anglers sharing the boat or fishing from bivvys , free airport transfers (the two angler option also includes 2 extra nights stay at my home if required.

I am here to cater for your requirements so if you want to split your session or fish a lake or river that’s not a problem – I am totally flexible, just contact me and we can discuss . fuel depending (if you’re moving lakes then fuel costs must be considered)